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Smart bots for modern communities

Bring your community to a NEW LEVEL

Community building is hard. The modern internet always tries to get your attention at any step, so growing you community and making it better is already a pretty difficult task. While we can't take that off your hand, we here at Mamubots at least try to make your community safer and a more fun place to be. So try one of our bots, and see how they work!





Punisher punishes, thats what he does. Including a transparent point system will allow your server to be consistent about its moderation system. Simply add a couple of reasons, with associated points, and let Punisher handle the rest. It also comes with a couple other goodies, like a report system, user checks and even a easy to use vote system




Having a chat with your fellow server members is pretty nice. However, sometimes there are questions burning below your fingernails, that you would really want to know. Whats everyone's favorite food? Whats your normal morning routine? Is the dress blue or yellow? QOTD allows you to do that. Ask a couple of questions on your server, vote for your favorite one and see what your server thinks.