Welcome to IntroBot

Hi there and welcome to IntroBot! It is good to have you. IntroBot helps you set up Introductions for users on your server. You as the server administrator can set up introduction questions for your users, which they can answer and which will be posted to the introduction channel. IntroBot will also show you statistics about the answers from your users, giving you a better idea on who the users are on your server and showing you what they are interested in, where they are from and much more. The limit is your imagination here. Intro Bot also has a couple of other really cool features, like congratulating users on their birthday and assigning them a role. This documentation here is intended to give you an overview on what is possible and how to set everything up.

The Dashboard

You already have found your way here, so i assume you are already familiar with dashboards. Here is a quick summary on how to work with the dashboard:

  • Login via Discord (Button to the top right)
  • Choose server
And then you have access to all your settings.

The Basics

There are two main ways to set up IntroBot: 1) The dashboard 2) using the setup command Both do essentially the same thing, by setting up the basic channel structure and Roles. At the bar minimum you need to set up the channel where introductions are posted. Either mention the channel in the setup command, or choose it from the dashboard. If you want to set up birthday wishes and a role transfer on that day (IntroBot assigns and removes the role from the user automatically), you can do so too through the setup or Dashboard.

Fuzzy answers

For statistics to make sense and not differentiate between equal answers but different writing, the bot provides you with the possibility for fuzzy questions. If you enable this, statistics will be shown for this question and you can correct and group the answers from your users. It will ask the user if one of the previous answers was what he meant (given he can find one similar enough), and if so add that one. Otherwise it will add the answer the user has given. Afterwards you can group the answers in the answer correction form. Simply click the ones you want to group, and write the correct answer below. The answer of the user as it shows up will not change though.

List answers

Sometimes there are only so many answers a user can give. If you enable the list option, the user can only choose from a list of options. The bot will let the user enter his answer, check against the list, and ask if he means one entry from the list. If he doesn't agree, he'll link him to the list of options and show him whats available and will ask him again. You have two possibilities to set the options up. If you add a question with a list option, an entry for this question will pop up on the right of the question settings page. There you can either type in and change the entries (given that they do not exceed a certain number of entries), or upload a file containing your options. The line must contain an option per line.

A note on permissions

IntroBot needs a couple of permissions on your server and specifically within the Introduction and Birthday channel. They are listed here: Bot permissions

  • Manage roles: This is specifically needed for the birthday role assignment and removal
  • Ban Members: IntroBot regularly checks your list of banned members on the server and removes them from the introductions. You don't have to give this permission to the bot, but if you don't introductions from banned users will persist.
  • Send Messages, Manage Messages, Embed Links, Read Message history, Add Reactions: These are straight forward. IntroBot heavily uses Embeds and emojis for various tasks, hence it needs this permissions. It also manages the messages in its managed channels.
Additionally to these server wide permissions, it also needs specific permissions in the channels it manages (Intro channel, Birthday channel). Channel specific permissions
  • Read messages
  • Send messages
  • Manage messages
  • Attach files
  • Read message history
  • Add reactions
These all need to be switched to green

The questions

So now that you have passed the basic settings, lets get into the gritty bit: questions. In general, IntroBot allows you to pass any question you would like to ask your user base in their introduction. At the bare minimum you need to enter a question in the question field and hit save.

There are of course a myriad of settings for each individual question. Here is a basic rundown:

  • Mandatory questions: You can either set a question as mandatory (users can not continue without not answering the question) or not (allows them to skip a question)
  • Visibility: You might want to ask users questions that aren't visible to everybody, but should show up in your statistics. You can do so with the visibility checkbox
  • Fuzzy mode: If you enable fuzzy mode, the bot will check all previously given answers, and, if the bot finds a similar enough answer, will ask the user if he means that answer. Either this or lists are required for statistics. More on that in another card.
  • List questions: If you enable this, the user will only be able to choose from a list of options. You can set the list in another part of the dashboard, and this is explained in depth in another card. Either this or fuzzy are required for statistics.
  • Changing of answers: If you disable this flag, the user can not change his answer to this question later on. This is especially useful for things like birthdays
  • Birthday question: If you hit this checkbox, the bot will consider this as the birthday question. It will be used to give you a rundown on the ages of your members, give them birthday wishes and assign the roles, if this is configured
  • Multi answer: This checkbox allows users to give multiple answers to a question. Each individual answer is used in the statistics, if fuzzy or list mode is enabled
  • Answer type: You can change the type of the answer with this dropdown menu, forcing the users to a certain data type.
Any of your added questions can be edited or deleted later below the new question formular. Simply open one and edit them to your liking.