Punisher - A brief introduction

The problem

Modding a discord server properly can be really difficult these days. It is a challenge to be consistent with your users, to build a clear rule structure and enforce it with consistency and transparency. While Punisher can't take the task of modding and building a server from your hands, it can maker your live a little bit easier, with its inbuilt unique modding tools. No more worries about muting and unmuting people, no more worries about consistencies in your decision making process.

Punisher implements this through its 2 core concepts:

  • Punishment reasons
  • Punishment consequences

Both of which are completely seperately configurable.

This is the core concept of Punisher. However, Punisher can do much much more then that.



As a pre requisit i have set up two log channels, which we will use throughout this process. Additionally, i created a Moderator role, which will get assigned mod permissions.

It is also assumed that you have the bot invited to your server.

Basic settings

To start off, jump to the dashboard and login through the button on the right.

Choose the server you want to setup

Click the Settings category on the left

On this page you can change the various basic settins for a bot. It is recommended to at least setup the logging channels, your prefix and moderation privileges.

Punisher as an utility bot

Included features in Punisher

While the punishing concept is at the core of the bot, it is not the only feature it includes. From it also sprout other concepts, that work hand in hand with it. Below is a short list of features that are included in Punisher. All of these are explained in detail further down.

Report system

On any given server, mods aren't around 24/7, things get missed or overlooked. Therefore Punisher implements a report system, where any user can simply react with 🆘 to any given message. He can then fill out a form, that is forwarded to the mods in the logchannel.


Voting on things is an integral part of discord. Punisher implements a very straight forward voting system, with which you can ask others for their opinion.


Additionally to the moderation purposes, it also implements the usual logging scheme. Edits, Deletes are all posted into a second logging channel.

Reasons & Consequences


Punishment reasons are the ones chosen on a given punishment. To set them up, click Punishments on the left. You now can set up Reasons and consequences.

It then shows up on the server

You can of course edit any of these within the dashboard. Now you can use this reason to punish people