Welcome to IntroBot

Hi there and welcome to QOTD, it is good to have you around

At its core, QOTD is a bot that tries to help you build a community on your server. Daily the bot will ask one question to your user base, which either comes from us or directly from your users. They vote on one of the listed questions throughout the day, and the most popular one will be picked.

In general, QOTD splits the day in two phases:

  • Voting time: During the day, where there are no questions asked, users can vote on the questions on the list
  • Answering time: During this period, QOTD Bot allows answers in the answering channel, and records the answers and the number of 👍 reactions it gets

Users can use the vote command to vote for questions, and the ask command to ask questions. The bot will DM the user with the procedure.

In this little documentation we will try to show you the basics on how QOTD works. You have quite a couple of settings at your disposal, customizing it exactly to your wishes.

The dashboard>

You already have found your way here, so i assume you are already familiar with dashboards. Here is a quick summary on how to work with the dashboard:

  • Login via Discord (Button to the top right)
  • Choose server

And then you have access to all your settings.

The basic settings

The main way to setup QOTD is through executing ?setup on your server. This will guide you through the basics of setting up the channels, setting the question time and duration.

After this, you have the possibility to access all these settings through our dashboard if you want to change these settings. All the individual settings have descriptions below them, to help you through this process.

Advanced settings

Through the advanced settings, you can customize QOTD Bot a bit more to your liking. Here is a short description of all the settings:

  • Role pinging: Here you can set a role that should be pinged when questions are up for vote, or the answering starts
  • New questions posted: If you would like to keep an eye out on what questions are added to the bot, you can set a channel here where new questions are posted. You can then remove questions with the ?rm command.
  • Question cycles:This defines the number of times a question can show up for vote until its discarded. You should set this to a lowish number, to prevent repeating questions
  • Question show up:With this, you can set how many questions should show up for vote in the questions channel.
  • Pinging:You can disable/enable pings by QOTDBot
  • Self categorizing:If you enable this, users can categorize their questions on their own. Otherwise they will start with no category attached and you can use the ?categorize command

A note on permissions

QOTDBot needs a couple of permissions on your server and specifically within the Question, Answer and Hall of Fame channels:

Bot permissions

  • Mention @everyone, @here and All Roles: You can setup a role for QOTD to ping. For him to be able to actually do this, he needs this permission. He'll also ping @here by default, when answering, or new questions are available
  • Send Messages, Manage Messages, Embed Links, Read Message history, Add Reactions: These are straight forward. QOTDBot heavily uses Embeds and emojis for various tasks, hence it needs this permissions. It also manages the messages in its managed channels.

Additionally to these server wide permissions, it also needs specific permissions in the channels it manages (Question channel, Answer channel, Hall of Fame channel).

Channel specific permissions

  • Read messages
  • Send messages
  • Manage messages
  • Embed Links
  • Attach files
  • Read message history
  • Mention @everyone, @here and All roles
  • Use external emojis
  • Add reaction
These all need to be switched to green

The three channels

QOTDBot needs three channels to work properly. In general, these questions should be managed by the QOTD Bot and except for the Answers channel, should be write only for the bot. Here is a short description of what each channel does:

Questions channel

The questions channel contains the questions that are up for vote. The bot will automatically choose these questions randomly (with subscribing users having priority) and according to the category that is currently chosen. It will also show the time of the next answering round.

Answers channel

Here users can post their answers by simply typing one in the channel. The bot automatically reacts with a 👍 to every question, with which other users can react too. Every user can post one answer, but can delete or edit an answer at any time. The most upvoted answers go into the hall of fame channel.

Hall of fame channel

The hall of fame channel serves as some sort of record of all questioning rounds on the server.It always contains the question and top 3 answers.